Watch the following short video (in Spanish) to learn who we are, what we do and why to join


Why Germany?

Germany hosts the 4th largest diaspora of Mexicans globally. Over 17,000 Mexicans live in Germany and we estimate that more than half of them (7,500+) are professionally active

Our Origins

Mexican professional in Germany started with the publication of the book

'Profesionistas Mexicanos en Alemania'

during the dual year Mexico-Germany 2016/2017

Libro Profesionistas Mexicanos en Alemania
Reporte Anual

Our Platform

To link together Mexican Professionals across Germany  through our platform 

avaliable online and offline


Our Impact

We have delivered tangible benefits for Mexican professionals across the different stages of their careers in Germany.
In addition, we have also established relevant connections across the broader Mexican-German community.

For more information 

Watch the recording (in Spanish; 40 min duration) of a webinar hosted to learn in depth about Mexican Professionals in Germany